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Help configuring MJS USB HD Radio Interface with centrafuse

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  • Help configuring MJS USB HD Radio Interface with centrafuse

    Not sure if I am posting this in the right place. I have the HD radio interface and the directed HD radio turner, I am using it with centrafuse. I had it working but I had to reinstall the OS and I cant remember what I did to get it working It just says that it wont initialize. I have all the drivers installed and centrafuse is set to the hd radio. I couldn't remember if I had to set any com ports or not. I know its getting power becuase if i plug in the external controller it came with it turns on and I can get the audio to play.

    Any help would is appreciated, thanks.

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    You have to set the correct com port and baud rate if I remember correct.


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      CF has to be set to HD Radio, you have to download the plugin or what not from the market i think....

      it will discover what comport it is on its own...
      you can also delete the HDRadio.xml file to make it start like new
      (search for it)

      before using CF.... i would test it with my HDPCR application....

      and no your prob not posting this in the right place

      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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        Sorry to bring this up from the dead but do you still have the HDPCR program? SatAmp is confusing as hell to use and I want to troubleshoot my HDRADIO.

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          It's still available on Mitch's site or sky drive I believe.