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MJS USB IO-1 Delay help

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  • MJS USB IO-1 Delay help

    Hi guys,

    Heres what I've been trying to work out, I'll give you a little background information so it all makes sense.

    I want my reverse camera to "pop-up" when I put my car in reverse.
    I originally wired my reverse camera to my reverse lights (simple enough), and I have a lilliput touchscreen monitor that has a reverse wire (changes the channel from DVI to RCA and back again when the cars not in reverse), it worked good and was exactly what I wanted in theory but after having it set up like this for the past 3 weeks its become VERY annoying as I drive an automatic car.

    For me to shift from Park to Drive I have to bypass reverse, therefor the screen changes channel (annoying blue screen for a couple of seconds aswel) and back to PC every single time I start the car.... Not very impressive.

    So I want to start using Centrafuse for my reverse cam (I understand that the computer has to be running for this to work but thats fine). I'm going to buy a MJS USB IO-1 to trigger centrafuse when my cars in reverse.

    So heres my real question:
    Is there a way that it will only send the trigger if I've been in reverse for say.... 3secs or so? (Some sort of delay or something?) That way if I'm just shifting down to drive and it has to pass the reverse gear it wont trigger. Does that make sense?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    so, you want to wait for the input to be present for 3 seconds before closing a relay right?

    if so... CF has no real way of doing that.... you cant start timers when an situation happens....
    some thought needs to be put into this... while im sure i could do it at the specific relay/input at the plugin level
    it would require some programming in the plugin...

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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