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  • what keyboard are you using

    I'm looking for a backup keyboard for my carpc and haven't had much luck or faith. Just looking for input and success from what others are using. I do have the dinova mini on my home pc, but the mouse pad isnt 85% reliable, although it inputs text flawlessly...I also want it a little smaller.
    I ordered a bluetooth one from amazon that turned out to be awful....$14, I guess you get what you pay for. I would prefer to stay bluetooth, but if all else fails I open to suggestions.
    I'm currently looking at the following in order:

    Thanks for any input on what i'm looking at or success with what you're using.

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    I have the dinovo mini but I replaced it with this unit as it has the function keys, which are missing from the logitech and works very good, quality product! The bluetooth works great (there are 2 models USB and bluetooth)and battery life is excellent, just not as good as the dinovo. But it recharges via usb which is a good thing. SNO


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      I looked at that before, it's just a bit too wide for my taste. I want something the size of a cell phone. Take away the touchpad it would have been perfect.


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        You probably aren't going to find a cell phone sized keyboard that is any good. I have the Lenovo 5902 (previously had the 5901, which is also good), and it's the best keyboard/mouse I've found.
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          Thanks for the suggestions.