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How do you control your PC? (for non touchscreen or centrafuse users)

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  • How do you control your PC? (for non touchscreen or centrafuse users)

    I am thinking about redoing my system. I currently have a lillyput 7" display in my car. But I am starting to hate my front end, Centrafuse. I like the music, video, odb II scanner, weather, ect. But I HATE the blue tooth stack they use, and I really don't care for the radio setup. So I want to replace my lillput monitor with a double din pioneer head unit,
    I was planning on buying a VGA to composite converter, and hook the sound up to that head unit. This way I can have a dependable/better quality bluetooth and radio, backup cam ect. But I still would like to use centrafuse for my music and videos, emulators ect... Now here's the million dollar question, what should/could I use to control centrafuse that looks clean and works well. What is a good alternative to a touchscreen?

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    Almost 300 views and no input ... All I wanna know is how you guys control your PC without a Touchscreen.


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      Been there done that:
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        Ya lol you think one of those 300 would have something to say. Well i do so here it is.
        I'm about 600 bucks into my master car project. While is save up for the other half lol, i bought a 10.1 inch lg screen meant for a notebook but found teh controller and it looks great acrylic bezel and all coming along nicely. Well I had a touchscreen erisin that i just sold, and i NEVER used the touchscreen, granted yes it was capacitive, but as little as it seems to lean over and touch the screen, its easier if you have controls at your hands. SO with my all my plannings i've set out to create the ultimate NON touch screen experience and this is how i plan to.

        a. xandyjx posted a GREAT corolla project log, i've stollen a lot of his tech, so excited. But he used this "Joycon EXR Steering Wheel Interface". Of course it helps if you have a steering wheel controls already, but it also depends on how ambitious you are. This sytem goes off of resistive buttons, you could but some for pennies like i am, and even without steering wheel media controls make it worthwil. But i think it suppors like 23 buttons... I'm thinking thats more than enough to have solid control over most major functions.

        b. jitbit macro, I've used this for work quite a bit, and it records your mouse and or eyboard strokes, which you assign to any hotkey and so for example by pushing f1 you activate this lil program that can open broswer, type in gmail. and open your inbox. Or close all windows and open Windows media center.

        c. my ASUS F1A75-1 Deluxe Motherboard comes with what must have been made by the gods for a carputer, this little 7 by 3 inch ish keyboard, which on the back has a scroll wheel looking media control interface. But the principle is that there are a ton of mini keyboard/mouse devices out there that you can use as a remote.

        I tried out centrafuse and DO NOT understand the appeal. Why instal a computer in your car if you're going to use WAY overpriced software that limits its functionality to that of a common touch headunit...
        1. WMC for media
        2. one of a HANDFUL of much better navigation software for nav
        3. better voice recognition software than that in centrafuse.


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          im looking to do the same. i also used the 10.1" screen meant for a laptop. (dell mini10) but instead of vga converter im running it directly from the motherboard from the lvds connection. had a touch overlay installed just if i want to touch the screen and point and navigate. but will be using a torn apart keyboard for media controls and volume controlls, along with a few keys used to navigate through windows and scroll through pages. i feel that momentary push buttons, a volume knob, and a scroll wheel will be more user friendly. but will still be able to have touch control with the screen. and even still be able to use the touchpad mouse that is on my keyboard.


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            I'll do a quick update, But currently at work. So unable to cover to much detail at the moment as minds else where.

            On my old system in my VP Commodore, I had a standard 7" TFT screen installed with a old PS2 keyboard hacked up with the main controller board removed and required so certain switches replaced the keys. then my own GUI/front end would detect a simple key press... This allowed for 101 + switches ..
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              OOO i'd like to see that and some more details please. I gotta say though i've been using a microsoft mobile mouse 6000 (every once and aagain microsoft puts out some good hardware). They are SLEEK, comfy, come in 5 colors, and i recently delved into their amazing functionality. I may be very late to the game and youa ll may know this already, but this mouse at least you can program it to do all this:
              First off you have 5 buttons in all, 3 if you don't count the left adn right which i never change.
              THEN you have "profiles" you program your mouse to switch to automatically when youre withing any given program so here is my current setup:

              left button: Windows media center
              Right button: google chrome
              Cick wheel button: Navigation (future)

              Windows media center:
              left button: back (song or video)
              Right button: forward (song or video)
              Cick wheel button: play pause

              Google Chrome:
              left button: bookmarks
              Right button: zoom in on mouse (especially useful for little car screens)
              Cick wheel button: TBA

              So far i LOVE it. I mean its perfect as a remote. I still reccomend some assortments of buttons but SOO SOO convenient that covers 90 percent of my GUI interactions.


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                I think a good google on "mame arcade controls" will show alot of interface hacks... As these are built from old hardware using simple hacks for emulators and so forth..

                OOO i'd like to see that and some more details please.
                To whom's post?

                PDF Covering most information on keyboard hacks
                Another Site showing a similar one to mine
                Same site as above, another tutorial
                Otherwise one of the original sites
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                2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
                Base System = Raspberry Pi
                Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup