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    may have mentioned before, but didnt know what key words to search for. looking to make a simple front panel for my car pc's audio and media controls. Was going to source the buttons, ect from either a cd player, or home sterio or even a dvd player or something. not really an issue as i can make the circuit board or use the existing one behind the switches. but need to know what other input device would i use for push button momentary switches and a scroll wheel to be able to connect it to either usb or serial. not sure if it would be either joycon or the audrino. or if there is another way to do multiple pushbutton momentary type switches to be able to input to the pc and then designated in a program or windows as functions for media controls and a volume knob.

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    you could take a keyboard with buildin media controls, remove the buttons and ajjust your buttons, in the keyboards circuits. that way you dont need any programing, and its usb!


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      yeah read on another post about people doing something similar with the dell media keyboard. has the media buttons and a small volume knob. all on a small board seperate from the keypad. also has 2 additional usb ports. if i don't end up using the dell board ill just make a board for my switches and connect it to the dell board. and like mentioned before its usb. one thing im wondering about is what in windows will make it not show up as a keyboard? because there might be the chance of using a small wired usb keyboard at some time, or the small bluetooth wireless keyboard i have.


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        You can have as many keyboards as you can connect to the computer at once. The only issue would be pushing conflicting buttons on two different keyboards at a time. IE: you push and hold shift on the mini keyboard then push play button on modified Dell keyboard.. it may not play correctly.

        Ultimately, you will just have to try it and see how well it works. It certainly won't hurt anything. I had a guy drop a keyboard plugged into his laptop docking station down behind his desk. He called me saying everything was typing in caps even with caps lock off. I hemmed and hawwed and finally traced the wires from the docking station to the culprit keyboard smashed up against the wall below. He was like... oh, I forgot I had that, I haven't used or seen that in months.


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          hahahaha, love that. i tell customers when dumb stuff like that happens to go home and write down on a piece of paper it was an " I D 10 T" code that was the problem. they look at it for a minute and then say verry funny. Idiot code, user error.


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            Depending on your needs, You could possibly use a USB mouse... scroll wheel + middle/right click buttons as touch screen uses left click only.

            Otherwise i would be going with something simple like arduino
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