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Com Devices keeping computer from standing by

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  • Com Devices keeping computer from standing by

    So, I have been chasing this issue for the last month or so now. I keep getting it licked then it comes back in a slightly different way.

    My issue is that when I try to put my computer into standby, if a com device (gps bu353, obdsx or historically arduino) is open, the system freezes and ends up getting hard shutdown by the shutdown controller. I'm at a loss, I can't be killing gps every time I am going to turn the car off.

    I'm using bu 353, win7 32, xport which is mapping com7 to 1 and 24. 1 is used by iguidance and 24 is used by RR for native. I can and will kill off xport and native RR if necessary.


    Edit... if I don't open dashcommand or iguidance, it works perfectly for weeks.
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    Ouch, I think most of the issue is caused by the USB to Serial driver not handling hibernation properly. I know XPort has provisions to handle this, but the Arduino and OBD2 device would both kill it off too. Two options that I see: Kill every connection before hibernation, or use a DC powered hub, and disconnect power before the computer goes into hibernate, forcing a disconnect. I'm not sure how some programs would handle this, and this may cause the COM port numbers to hop around if the application doesn't properly handle it.
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      yeah, definitely don't want to go the route of pulling devices as it goes down. I'm certain that would cause more issues anyways.

      Thing is, I'm using the BU 353, xport and iguidance 2011... this is not unique. Somebody must have these issues or it is unique to my netbook..

      I have used RR reading the BU 353 through xport for the last month without any issues. Add iguidance and launch it; problem.

      Is there any way to force stop the usb to serial driver without causing major issues? The obd scanner I can live without/deal with later as it is unimportant. Since my arduino is my shutdown controller, I set it to stop all serial before initiating the standby process and that problem went away.

      Is there a different driver or something that might be better?


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        OK. So, I went and messed with it for about 30 minutes. I couldn't make it do it again. I closed RR, stopped xport, set iguidance directly to gps and put it to sleep with just iguidance fine. Then I brought RR in the picture, still fine, then xport... still fine. Unbelievable. So, my next thought is; when will it break again? Oi.