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  • iPazzport Hacking

    Hi guys. Wanted to thank you all for the USB keyboard help. I used your forum to find the USB wired keyboard for my first PC gaming controller I built. (I can't recall the name of the keyboard at the moment)

    I wanted to use a different wired USB keyboard with more functions for my second build. Just wanted to let you all know that you can successfully take the USB wired iPazzport keyboard/trackpad and shorten it by cutting off the USELESS trackpad that comes built onto the board.

    All thats required to shorten the iPazzport and make it a USB keyboard only, is to cut off the top half along the line of number keys very carefully. I had to rewire the #5 key trace and everything else worked fine.

    Kinda funny if you plug in the ipazzport after it's cut and run your finger along the edge of the cut traces the mouse cursor will go insane! If you guys would like further help with this kind of mod, just ask.

    Thanks for all your help, it moved me along very well

    (In case links messed up)