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Raising radio cover automaticly?

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  • Raising radio cover automaticly?

    First of all, Hello! What a great forum you have here, I finally registered!

    So here's the deal, I've decided to install my first carputer, I have rather good programing knowledge when it comes to web so I hope any software side customization I will need to do later down the line won't be a problem for me. However in my car, I have this cover that "flips"(90 degrees) over the radio and little storage compartment under the radio, I took it out, and started looking into automating it's lifting up when engine starts and bringing it down once it's off.

    I know a lot of cars do this but I presume they do it with couple of switches(for stopping the motor) and a motor, my problem is that this wasn't designed to be automatic.. I was looking into a small fishing line or even cable pulling it up however I'd need a motor that is bipolar as well one that will hold it in place once raised, but is that best idea? Is there someone that already done this sort of a thing and recorded the steps? My searching brought up nothing, any help would be appreciated!

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    i think a standard r/c or robotic servo would work good-- it would hold it open, it takes a digital signal, so they're easier to program, and there are plenty of models to choose from-- all of which provide feedback to the servo's location, which takes care of the limiting.
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      Phidget's have a great selection of servo's along with all the other needed stuff and also have plugin's for the most popular front ends or a complete api for your own programming. SNO


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        I'd suggest using an arduino as a controller. Not only do they work great as servo controllers out of the box, they have usb and can communicate directly via serial port with the pc. You can use this for sensor data and input as well, say you'd like some buttons or leds for status, all at your fingers. Best part is itll only run you about $25 for the basic one. $12 or so will buy you a decent servo, just make sure its the type that rotates to a specific degree not one that simply takes a forward or backward speed input. What you're wanting would probably be a 180 degree servo.

        As for the actual appication, id have to see what sort of space is available. Probably you'll want to attach an arm or rigid wire to the servo and then attach that to the cover near the corner. But I'm just guessing, pics?
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