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Tivizen dvb-t receiver aerial extention

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  • Tivizen dvb-t receiver aerial extention

    Hi I need a bit of help.

    I'm making an android setup for my car and I'm wanting DAB I've looked at Lingo's Ivy but a Tivizen came up very cheap (1/4 of the rrp) so I got that. I've tested it in the car while moving, it works but not well as its behind the dash.

    Now I'm thinking I can add a external aerial to it but there's no socket for one. I've taken it apart and the internal aerial connects to a large plate, can i just solder a wire onto this bit? if so how?

    I've added a pic so you can see what I mean.

    as you can see the aerial sits on a plate on the board, can and how would i fix an external aerial to it?

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    Dear friend i m interesting about similar have you succeeded?