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Sirius / HD Radio Cable Questions

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  • Sirius / HD Radio Cable Questions

    I have the SCC1 Sirius + USB interface along with the HD radio + USB interface, both of which work great in testing. I have started thinking about how I will be wiring these interfaces, along with the rest of my setup.

    I'm thinking there are two different setup options here:
    1. Run 2 USB, and 2 audio wires to the rear of the car
    2. Connect both to a USB hub and running single USB cable with two audio outputs to the rear of the car (Quickly looking at the USB interface suggests it doesn't draw enough to warrant a powered USB hub).
    3. Mount the receivers in the dash and get extensions for the two interface cables and place the USB interfaces near the PC in the rear of the car.

    How have you wired your setups?

    Also, is it better for the audio cables to stay with the 3.5mm wires it comes with or get adapters and run RCA cables?

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    Where is the computer located? I like to have the usb cables go right into the computer. That's just my opinion. I would use a powered hub just incase if you go that route which I really don't see a problem with. I use the cables that came with the units and either run an 3.5" extension cable to computer or just plug into the speaker output ports on mainboard/sound card. SNO


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      You want your audio cables to be as short as possible to prevent the potential for them to pick up interference.

      USB will be transferring digital signals so they are not prone to interference when you use good quality cabling.

      If you run USB from one end of the vehicle to the other you may want to try only using 1 cable which may mean using a hub. If you are only running these two cables and you don't have a port number issue then you will be OK running two cables. If you are running a long USB cable and you will be powering any devices then you may want to use a powered hub because the longer runs will lower the power available at the end of the cable and a powered hub can act as a repeater of a sort.

      If you can use 3.5mm wires at both ends I wouldn't convert to RCA. Doing so may give noise a chance... Get a good quality shielded cable.

      If your amplifiers and computer are all in the rear you likely want to keep all of the cables short and mount everything together. The one exception to consider are the necessary antennas to run your devices. If you have to run cables to the front you may be fine or you may find you pick up noise through these cables or have reduced sensitivity and have to make decisions.

      If you end up having the devices in the dash and have to run USB and Audio cables to the rear you may pick up interference in the audio cables. You may look for a USB audio card to mount in the front if this happens to run your devices to and then run just the USB from that audio card to the computer and use the "remote" audio card as an input.

      A lot depends on your setup. Just remember that audio and signal wires are prone to picking up interference so the shorter the cables the better off you are. USB is not prone to picking up noise but can have reduced amperage if you are trying to power a device through the cable.


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        Thanks for the quick replies!

        The computer will be located in the trunk of the car. I hadn't considered using a USB audio card that could eliminate the need for additional audio cables.
        This gives me somethings to thinking about and a some direction.

        Thank you again.


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          ^^^Agreed. Worry about shortening Analogue audio more than USB, the USB is easier to fix (powered hub).

          Also just for reference, anyone that has not bought their SC-C1 tuner yet but is going to: look at the SCH1 home tuner, you power it with 5V instead of powering Mitch's interface box and the audio goes straight from the tuner to the PC on either L-R RCA connectors or optical. In fact I think I noticed a cable Mitch offers just for this tuner that is just a cable and no interface box required.. Very cool.
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            for car, the SC-C1 is better choice... even without the optical

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