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Has anyone successfully used ELM327 OBD module to read none ECU can messages.

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  • Has anyone successfully used ELM327 OBD module to read none ECU can messages.

    As part of my CarPC project I need a method to replace the Climate Controls and Steering Controls both od which are integrated into the Car's CANBUS via the OEM head unit!!!.
    The car is a UK Vauxhall VXR8 and no-one does any unit here that allows the OEM H/U (which is a pile of Pooo). Crap Audio, BlueTooth can't pair with iPhone, No Sat Nav as std and The OEM unit is a) an old tech DVD unit with HIGH price tag at circa 3500!!!!
    I have a ELM 327 ODBII scanner (Scan XL Device) however is seems to filter out none ecu can messages.
    If this a no-go has found a cheap usb or serial generic canbus reader?
    I have most (though not all) of the HVAC (Climate Control A/C), Steering Wheel codes.
    The plan is to use a Laptop to develop a CAN OPC (OLE for Process Control) server for the HVAC and steering controls.
    The only ones I have so far are targeted either embedded can controllers or Industrial applications and are priced to match.
    Then Once it is working install a ITX based PC and junk the OEM head unit for a touchscreen enabled 7in display.

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    Found this Link eventually!
    Follow to get part 2.
    So yes it has been done!
    I will trying this since on my car cos no one does any form steering module interface for this.


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      In some cases when the head unit is needed to set system options people have installed the OEM radio in a remote location. It is common to find people mounting the radios in the trunk with extension kits to allow use of an after market head unit in the normal factory location. Some people even attach a speaker or two to the OEM radio so that they can hear the beeps that generally indicate if a setting is set or whatever.

      Personally one of the things I want to do with my vehicle is remove some of the CAN based systems and mimic their function with an external board such as a Rasberry Pi type board. With a ODBII adapter you should be able to access a majority of the commands and if you capture all of the commands and understand what they do you should be able to mimic the factory modules while performing your own settings and such through another computer or whatever.

      Also those devices do not filter out non ECU messages but you need to look at the vehicle you are using and see if it is compatible with standard ODBII scan devices. I thought everything was available on the ODBII bus or through the Body Control Module but someone else has mentioned there are other networks available at the ODBII interface that normally are not tied to a normal ODBII device. If they are compatible you may have to have a second ODBII scan device hooked to that network to translate the data. I am unsure however since I have not actually done any checking myself. I feel pretty confident that the majority of items in MY GM vehicle are available directly on the CAN bus I have access to or can be accessed through accessing the BCM which will work as a switchboard.




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        Can someone help me how to connect to Daihatsu Mira 2007 0 through hobDrive or Torque Pro?? unable to connect to ECU. Basically settings or protocol problem.
        The other think with hobDrive it dsnt show if connecting the adapter connects but dosnt responds by blinking lights..may be im not configuring properly..please help.


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          usually, and we do not have that make of car here in the us, but usually, the a/c control head is just that(the controller for the a/c heater box). that is all the powers, grounds, and signal wires for all the blend and temp. door actuators and their feedback position sensors wire into the head unit and it is self contained and the canbus attachment is for just diagnostic purposes and maybe to request data from other modules for different temp readings and whatnot. and might give you some control features, but for a diagnostic purpose, and not necessarily full control. a/c control heads can be replaced by an arduino mega board, or maybe a fusion brain or other microcontroller that can interface with your carpc. unless your a/c head unit only has very few wires running to it, like power ground and communication wires only. if that is the case, then you can dump the control head because there is another controller running everything, like the bcm.

          and about the torque pro, i have this app. it is ok but from my position in life greatly limited as with all elm327 and other generic/global obd2 devices. it was pretty simple to setup. get yourself something along the lines of this: , plug it in, turn on Bluetooth, search for and pair device, and load up your torque pro app.
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            Can you get other OBD readers to connect? If found that setting the OBD reader manually to "AUTO" protocol (passing the AT SP0 command) can help with getting Torque to connect.



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              well, i have a snap-on solus ultra scantool. this tool plugs into the same 16 pin dlc as all of the elm 327 devices do. but where all global obd2 devices only let you see the pcm and maybe the trans controller. the snap-on solution sees and communicates with every controller in the vehicle. to us carpc builders/users this is the difference of just looking at a temp or map or tps sensor value, or putting the windows up and down and locking the doors and maybe even gaining control of power sliding doors, horns, exterior and interior lights, and so much more. all without running a single wire. these are all things i can do with my scantool while i am communicating with the body control module, or the driver door module, or the front control module, or totally integrated power module, or sam module. i do not know how to take this tech out of the snap-on tool and apply it to my carpc. i am not sure if it is all and only a software difference? and there is no getting your hands on snap-ons software. and the tool cost way too much to play around with it in any experimental fashion. with the euro software it was almost $5,000 plus over $1000 a year on software updates from snap-on. and then there's snap-on's front loaded interest rate. it's either 18 or 21%. so you can imagine my distaste to open it or try to play with the software that is on it.

              there are canbus decoders on the market, and while i have absolutely no experience with them at this point, you might find the answer you are looking for in one of these if trying to connect to modules other than the pcm/tcm. and then still use your elm327 device for looking at engine and/or trans datastream(s). but even that is still so limited. for the engine, you are better off hunting down the specific tuning solution available for your year, make, and model car. and using that as communication device. then you can log data at very high rates, and even make changes. i mean really, what's the point in looking at something if you can't interact with it?
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