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anyone use volumouse?

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  • anyone use volumouse?

    I've downloaded volumouse with a view to using a modified mouse to control the volume in centrafuse. The problem i have is when i press a button in centrafuse volumouse won't work until i click back on the desktop the it works fine .

    Has anyone encountered this problem before.

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    I believe the button for Cfs volume control is alt+d5 and alt+d4 just remapp them and your good to go


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      Thanks for the reply. You are correct about the alt+4 and alt+5 buttons, could explain what you mean by remap them. I can't see how these are controlled by volumouse.

      I'm sure this is a simple but a novice like me, i'm struggling.


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        Oh just set volumouse to use the alt+ buttons if you can configure it that way....I have set cf4 to use other buttons...(under advanced settings /hotkeys) but last time I did this for volume I had some small issues.give it a go as you can always change it back


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          I'm still not getting anywhere. I can get it to work with every program apart from centrafuse, how typical is that.


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            Ok a small development i have volumouse set to only work in centrafuse which works as it should unless centrafuse in the active window. If centrafuse is highlighted in the taskbar it wont work.