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  • Joycon issues

    I have 8 buttons with the following resistance
    Button 1: 990-1030
    Button 2: 323-337
    Button 3: 108-112
    Button 4: 0
    I'm using a 5k resister.
    Problem is button 8 is giving off 0 despite the 5k resister. Any reason, any solution?

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    You might try turning the trim pot? I have the Metra interface that pulls the correct steering wheel interface signals out of the car's radio harness, and it converts the signals to match different radio types. Most of those types do not change the resistance enough so all buttons read the same resistance, however type 6 worked for me. I did try to use the type 4, and it gave results similar to yours, with a couple buttons going to 0, but I turned the trim pot for A (the channel I connected to on the Joycon EXR) and it moved all the buttons a bit.


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      Yeah, I turned the pot and everything moved. But the two with the same resistance moved together.


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        Well, there is always a solution, but sometimes more invasive than we are willing to do.

        In my situation, I want more buttons for other functions, so I bought one of those resistor ladder boards and connected to channel B.

        Another thing that could be attempted is to gain access to your buttons board and find the copper trace from one of the 2 identical output buttons, slice the trace with a razor knife, and solder an 0603 or 0402 physical size resistor to both sides of the slice. Try values of 240Ω, 470Ω, 560Ω, or 680Ω which are common SMT values. If that don't work, removing the SMT and re-applying a solder bridge makes for a clean recover.


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          Thats what i had to do with my nissan frontiers buttons they were all to was easier then i thought to resolder the resistors....i just harvested a heap from old circuit boards and had a play...had to use a magnifying glass to complete it cleanly.looks good and very satisfying.