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Laguna II + Joycon EXR?

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  • Laguna II + Joycon EXR?

    My laguna has a six button steering wheel control setup. I dont know if the signal is resistive or digital. I also have an the stalk adapter from dynamicsounds with Alpine patch lead. I've tried multimeter directly on the remote steering wheel cables, and on the mini-jack end of the alpine patch lead (and on many other places) but I cant find out where or what the steering wheel signals are (?) I have the Joycon EXR and when connecting it to the output of the stalk adapter it registers every button the same. Ive tried calibrating but no luck.

    What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible to use the CarPC JC EXR with my car(+stalk adapter)? Do I need a different patch lead?

    Please, I really need help.