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  • basic controller ?

    In summary, my touchscreen is located a bit far (Above the dash behind the vents of my Honda accord) and accessing the touchscreen is always a bit of a challenge, quite an extension to reach. For the longest time Iíve always wanted a very very simple media controller to remove the needs of the touchscreen.

    In my opinion the idea remote would have the most basic buttons to do simple task. But Iím not sure if some of them can be done (different programs).

    So first question, is there a remote with only these buttons: Home, up/down/left/right, enter, Fast forward, play/pause, rewind, (And optionally) volume up/down, mute

    Home: would be designed to always send you back to the front end main screen.
    Enter: would act as a mouse left button
    Arrows: Up/down/left/right: would be for navigating the menus
    Media: Ffwd/play/rwd: would control the media bar
    Volume: well controls volume

    Now the tricky partÖ
    Some of these buttons would work solely for the front end side, like: Home, media, volume.
    Some would share use depending on what screen is open. Enter, arrows

    Iím generally using common apps like: Music, video, Iguidance, Dashcommand, weather.
    For examples:
    iguidance, is it possible for the controller to do simple task. For example, move the arrows would allow me to navigate iguidance menu, then clicking enter would allow me to navigate sub-menus and so on. For example, if I want to enter an address, I can move the arrows around and press enter to input the info. Iguidance also has a back and enter button, so I could navigate to that as well to go back without having to exit completely. If Iím done with Iguidance I can hit the home button to send me back
    dashcommand, not much there, but by hitting the arrows up and down to allow me to switch from different screen views
    weather, hitting the arrows left and right would let me go from day to week view
    music and video, would be a combinations of arrows and enter button to navigate around

    Can something like this be done, and if so, is there also a controller like this around with basic buttons? Ideally something usb, but IR or BT would be fine

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    here's an example of the simplicity it "could" be ...hardware wise
    Click image for larger version

Name:	iMpulse.gif
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    In terms of mapping,
    the joystick would act for the arrows
    the triangle above could be the enter button
    the circle with dot (top button) could act as the home button
    the 3 lower buttons could be the media buttons rwd/play/ffwrd

    It's bluetooth as well so can be steering mounted or held like a remote
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