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A question about mounting a flexible keyboard

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  • A question about mounting a flexible keyboard

    I have this mini flexible keyboard and I want to mount this atop my passenger side sun visor. Its silicon coated though and NOTHING sticks to it. Haven't tried krazy glue or anyhting like that.... yet. Anyone got any idea?

    The other problem I have is that the sun visor hang too high... there isn't enough daylight between the sun visor and roof when its full extended. So the square part on top of the keyboard is wedged in there. I was thinking about removing the elbow hinge and replacing it with another plastic clampy thing (sorry I have no idea how to describe these parts) that keeps the visor from moving around when its up. That plastic locking thing.... That way the visor would still be able to move up and down (but not roate), I could then detach it and use it as a semi mobile keyboard (the keyboard cable would still be there to restrict movement). I got noooooo idea how to take out the elbow hinge and even less of an idea where to buy another plastic clamp to match the other one.

    Having this keyboard flopping aroud it killing me.

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    What about some velcro? At RadioShack they have this velcro that I cam't remeber the name of that uses plastic rods with little plastic nubs on the end on both pieces of velcro instead of the "fuzzy side" and a "hook side". It holds really well and doesn't ever wear out like standard velcro where the fuzzy side gets less grippy over time. You could strap a stick of this plastic velcro to the bottom of the solid block at the top of the keyboard, if the adhesive didn't stick you could dremel off a couple rows of the little rods so that you could run a zip tie long ways across this top block.
    It would be more then enough to keep the keyboard in place and you could put the little strips in different places, like the passenger dash, the center console, or wherever the keyboard finds use.
    Good luck.


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      The problem is I don't have room anwhere else except on the visor. If I want to mount it on the visor then the square part is useless because the visor is almost the exact same size as the keyboard, so the square parts hangs out. What I was thinking was maybe make some really tiny hold along the edges of the keyboard and sew it in to the fabric of the visor with fishing line or something. I'm kind of scared to try it cuz if it might cause ripping or maybe some keys to fail.


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        What about using some small plastic tubes along the back. Small as BIC pens. You could superglue them to the back and then run zip ties through them. Where ever the tubes aren't put some foam padding so that it is all flat.


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          Then only thing I'd be worried about is the glue melting though the soft silicon. I haven't had much lick supergluing things togther lately haha.


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            Use dubble side tape, that will work.
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              "Use dubble side tape, that will work."

              Only until it gets hot...

              Buy a used visor from a scrap yard. fit the keyboard on the face and use small wire inbetween the keys to hold it in place? (like a mesh bit not blocking any of the keys. That means no adhisive to get gooey in the heat and you will be able to return it to original if you sell
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                nothing sticks to that thing, i have it too with similar intentions for it, now i've switched my thinking to converting laptop keyboards to sunvisors

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                  elastic bands ?


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                    Hot glue, caulk, liquid nails...Maybe if you score it first???

                    Try mounting it to something thin like a piece of balsa wood or a thin piece of plexi. This will help hold its shape. Once that is done then attach one side of the velcro to the plexi or whatever you used and the other to the sun visor. I have a vanity mirror on my sunvisor and plan on attaching the velcro to that so I can still use it.

                    I want to get the same keyboard and do the same thing you are attempting but I plan on using bright LEDs in the plexi so it will light up when I pull the sun visor down.

                    Here is a picture of my first attempt in my RX-7, which I no longer have...of course this was not the roll-up keyboard we are discussing in this thread but just giving anoth POV for thought...
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                      the problem i found w/the flexible keyboards is that if it's not on a completely flat surface, it won't work properly.
                      i had mine on my visor, held w/outdoor doublestick (the rubbery kind, not the foamy kind) and it held great. I need a bit to get it to stick, but the thickness of the doublestick made it so that when i pushed one key, it would randomly trigger others...

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                        damn, guess im not buying that keyboard.... I do have a couple of old laptops. hummmm
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                          I think the reason that I went with a wireless keyboard is that the visor keyboard, while super cool, seems very uncomfortable. I really like just grabbing my RF Versapoint keyboard from the back seat and setting it right in my lap for keyboard use. What do you use the keyboard for when in the visor? Sure seems tedious for typing.


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                            yeah it is if its stuck to the visor. right now the visors where I keep the keyboard cuz its nice for doing one key commands. I want to make mine detachable though. I found a retractable USB cable that I'm gonna use so you'll just pull off the visor and use it as a keyboard.

                            Also, I just washed my keyboard (because they advertised it as being waterproof) and not it doesn't work. Water got inside it. I am seriously ****ed! When I plug it in windows recognizes it, but none of the keys work. If I let it dry out for a few days do you think it would start working or have I fried something?

                            Defiler, what kind of keyboard is that?


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                              Yeah Defiler... I want to know what kind of keyboard that is. It looks like an old AST laptop keyboard to me, but I could be wrong. And where did you get the wiring schematics for it to convert it?

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