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how to mute sound with carkit without headunit

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  • how to mute sound with carkit without headunit

    Hi all

    Recently i started the idea of a car pc. touchscreen every thing on it. dvd gps audio.

    But i got 1 thing i cant clear out.

    How do i mute my sound of my computer without having to use a headunit.

    The idea is to place a 10 inch touchscreen with a dvd player under it al on my via eden hush computer.

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    The ghetto way to do it would be to route the sound output through a relay using the normally cloed contacts.
    The carkit mute would trigger the relay and switch the contacts from NC. There shouldnt be much is any noise introducted onto the spekaers, you could even switch the relay to output the phone call through the speakers.

    Ive used something similar to this for switching between 5.1 and 4 speaker surround with two amps.


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      do you have any schemetics from that relais cause i don't know how to make a similar one.

      I'm not that good in electronics so any schemes would be welcome


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        A simple switch on the remote turn on lead for the amp should work.

        Personally, I just use the mute in sound mixer software.
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          I don't do not know how to do this, but maybe someone could write an application that has a small interface that always stays on top, that would mute the sound. There could be an option of minimizing to the taskbar or systemtray, if you need it to see a certain part of the screen. But just big enough that you can quickly touch it on the screen without having to look for more than a split second. I've been thinking about this, since I like to have my stereo up a little bit, not extremely loud, but loud enough that if a cop is bored and having a bad day, he'll hassle me about it. It's happened once before If I were to see a cop, I'd hate to have to drag the Winamp window around instead of the volume slider.
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            wow its not every day you meet the person who started the car pc


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              haha. he has inspired us all.
              Blazer Xtreme: The PITA MP3 Car.
              240SX Fastback: SR20DET motor swap.