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IR serial port receivers

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  • IR serial port receivers

    I've heard that these are a horrible alternative to IrMan style devices because they use a lot of cpu.. I was just wondering, how much does it really use..? I've got a duron 1300, and I wouldn't mind giving up 5 or 10% cpu to save myself 60 bucks on an irman... <-------- receivers like that

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    I have one connected to a 133Mhz pentuim, no problems at all. Since your cpu is about ten times faster I sugest to build one too.
    Free circuit designs at!


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      Cool, I couldn't imagine it taking too much cpu Thanks!

      The local electronics shop didnt have the IR receiver.. the hunt begins :P


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        I have one from here. It's a lot the same. He sells them for $24 and has a parts list and guide for free if you want to build your own. I have a dual XP1800/1.53GHz and it doesn't lag at all, or at least I haven't noticed it lagging..
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