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wireless usb kb + mouse + hub idea

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  • wireless usb kb + mouse + hub idea

    Recently, I feel bothered by all the wires that come out of the notebook, so I started looking into wireless usb by cypress. At 64 kb/s, it's pretty slow, but sufficient for keyboard, mouse, modem. So here's the idea:

    I can assemble a complete package (out of current products and ic components) that includes a wiress keyboard + mouse, and a usb hub. The usb hub can be used to connect to things like your GPS. For use at home, it might be cool if the hub includes modem function as well.

    The advantage is that now you have a unified package. Just plug one usb transmitter to your carputer / laptop, and all the peripherals can be connected.

    What do people think? Did I miss any logic flaw?

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    Your idea sort of sounds like BlueTooth, that might be something for you to consider to cut down on the clutter.
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      that's true, i can have bluetooth keyboard, mouse, & gps. their prices are outragious now, but probably will be more reasonable soon.


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        All you have to do is have EVERY external USB component connected to a USB hub. Then have only 1 USB cable ran to the laptop. If you're using a laptop, You already have to plug in the power and the monitor. Why stop there. 1 more USB plug aint gonna kill you. Believe me, 64kb/s is pretty damn slow if you're trying to stream kb, mouse, gps, and a modem to your PC wirelessly.
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          Oh, Hail to the Almighty.

          I don't have 1/10 of the number of wires in your setup. I shouldn't be complaining.