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  • anybody uses girder from

    Any better alternatives? next generation police speedtrap locator. Free database for your GPS system (includes US/Canada).

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    Girder IS the better alternative. You can control just about anything with girder once you figure out how to use it. Read the how-to, It will help you a lot. I had to read it a bunch of times before it really clicked for me.
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      I swear by it...
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        I use it too. It's amazing
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          Girder is the most flexible "visual programming" application I've found. I use it extensively for my home theater control and have started integrating it into my carputer... There are lots of users with lots of plug-ins and extensions to Girder. Also, very active forum. Documentation isn't great, but the program is...


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            Girder is very nice app and probably the most flexible.

            I've also used uICE. It came with preprogrammed defaults for my remote and has very nice OSD. It also had different key mappings (ie what buttons do when your watchign a movie, TV, music, application, etc) that you could switch between also using the OSD and buttons on the remote. But its not free like girder, and Girder is flexible enough to do everything uICE can (it just takes a bit more configuration).
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              I use it and at first found it really hard to use but after reading the readme it was a bit clearer.

              You can buy the senor from eBay for 5.


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                Yup, use it all the time!
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