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  • touch screen problems

    hi, i got a Digitalww TM701L in dash touchscreen. it worked fine a month or so ago on my desk, now its in the car, i cant seem to get the touchscreen to work... it picks it up, and when i install the xp/2k drivers it installs and says the hardware is ready to use.. but when i try to callibrate it, the software dosnt pick it up. also, it used to appear in mice and other pointing devices in device manager, now it appears in its own little group (shown on image)
    if anyone has any idea how i could fix this, it would be much apreciated.

    thanks in advance

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    Try deleting the mice, and if the serial mouse gets re-detected, disable (but don't uninstall) it

    This is of course guessing that you don't have any other mice installed

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      well, the thing is that is what it looks like on my home pc. tried it on 3 pcs now. (dont ask why i got 2 mice on my pc. lol


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        This doesnt seem to be the same problem but maybe my solution could help.

        The problem happened to just like you which is when i moved it from my house to the actual car.

        Basically i could get my computer to detect a USB device but i dont think it would specify that it was a touchscreen. Also the touchscreen software was not detecting it. What i realised was that i must have some how accidently tugged on the usb cable coming out of the back of the screen. This then halfway unplugged it from the board that was connected to the touchscreen. After i opened it all up and replugged it fully back in everything worked perfect.
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          ok, il try that asap i guess. thanks