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control winamp, using PALM via IRDA- software

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  • control winamp, using PALM via IRDA- software

    I have palm visor and i want to control winamp with palm.I have usb cradle and IRda(like in notebook) but i cant find a software to control winamp(i found software only with "com" function).

    so if you know which program to use to cotrol winamp via irda or usb, please write it down!

    Have a nice day/night)
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    I have a serial cradle if you want it
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      but I hope you are good with linux. It's some very nice software once you get it working. I'm currently using a palm to control my system. I tested out this one when I was deciding which piece of software to use.
      Also, have a look at this site:
      It's not in english but it's got screenshots of a couple of pieces of palm software.

      I eventually decided on palmamp as I didn't want to have to set up giantdisc again if something went wrong etc, its very complicated (I've never really been into linux too much).

      Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck



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        does it works with BT?


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          You tell us, try it!
          car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects


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            there is a MUCH easier way to do this than what everyone else has mentioned so far. Put an infared receiver on your carputer, and download/buy a copy of remote control software for your palm (there are plenty of programs like this, does a wonderful job of immulating a remote control). Then, just use Girder to to implement all the commands as necessary using the remote input. This will work great for pause/play, volume, etc. The only issue is for playing specific songs, that will not be possible beyond a certain set of pre-defined playlists.