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IR input on motherboard

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  • IR input on motherboard

    OK.. The motherboard I intend on useing is a Soyo Dragon KT333 Ultra Platinum.. one of its many features is a "SIRCON" or Standard Infrared Connector.. What I want to know is there any way to use this with a remote to control my PC.. I know there are things like IrMan but I need to know about this integrated mobo connector specifically... and if it is possible is there any circuit that would work with it instead of buying a premade one...
    It has standard input output connectors as shown below.. any info would be awesome.. Thanks...

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    I have infrared set up in the BatComputer to work with my Canon BJC80 IRDA Printer. Found a guy selling the complete IRDA units with cable on EBAY. It was listed as " irDA Infrared module kit +5.25" or 3.5" frame". Got it for $19.99. Has a real nicely done module attached to the frame. Attaches to frame with two standard computer screws. Could very easily be removed and mounted whereever you wanted. Cable that came with mine is like 36" long. He has two versions of the cable, one is FIR, other is standard.

    Hope this helps,