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Datalux TS problems

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  • Datalux TS problems

    Does anyone else have the problem with there Touchscreen.

    When I press on the screen to select something, It clicks first on the last thing I clicked then I have to touch the screen again and then it works.

    Any Ideas how to fix this.

    I am using the Datalux TS lmv10r Resistive Touch

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    quit playing with your touchscreen like that... you could get arrested for molestion... Tisk Tisk
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      Touchscreen Problems

      I think resistive touchscreens have two layers of conductive material seperated by tiny insulators . When you press on the top layer, the material in between makes contact and allows the position to be registered. It may be that the layers are sticking after being tapped and that you need to tap that area again for it to get unstuck. I know a lot of people have problems with temperature screwing up the calibration or causing the touchscreen to act erraticly.


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        More specifically what happens is, I click one icon, and if I go to click a different one, I have to click it twice, but the fist time I do It clicks on the previous position again. It will do this no matter the temp, I can be driving all day the same results.


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          Figured out the problem. I deserve a smack in the head for this. Under settingsin the setup menu, there is a slide bar that is labeled click. I guess this means amount of time you have to hold your finger down in order for it to register, not quite seconds but set at 3 I had to hold my finger down for about 1 second. Wierd. Well it was set to 3 out of a possible 19, I reset it to zero. No more problem. Instant registering, works great now.