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Bought a mini infrared keyboard today

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  • Bought a mini infrared keyboard today

    Have any of you seen this model?

    From searching on ebay I determined that its from Philips' WebTV box.

    I got it for $20 and it came with that IR receiver. Good or crap? It's very small

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    that IR Receiver is exactly the same as the one that came with mine, but mines an off brand keyboard with the mouse on it, not bad for $20 a touch pad would go nicely with it
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      I have the same one...It sucks!! sorry to be the one to tell you, you have to point it right at it , and the range is like 6 inches! ...SORRY!


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        I like my Gyration 25 foot mini combo.

        My friend got the 100 foot Media Center combo, same keyboard - but comes with snap on cover and media center remote.
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          I have the same receiver, but a different keyboard. My receiver works up to 6 feet away... You'll have no problems if you set the receiver in the right area of the cabin.
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            I must say you can pick up a RF keyboard for only $30.00 any most office or computer stores. They work much better, you can hide the reciever and no need to worry about pointing it.

            But anyway good luck with this one....


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              well i just hooked it up to my computer and it works just fine... 6 inches my ***.

              i have it like 6 inches below the receiver and almost 3 feet away and its working. it does NOT have to be pointing directly at it.

              for now I'm gonna use it to control my server so i have less wires on my desk.


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                Cool... I have a black webtv keyboard sitting here... any idea how much the IR receivers go for? I remember it used to work great when used with webtv.. could be used from anywhere in the general area pretty much.

                I'm also looking at the mini-glow keyboards... but I could live with the webtv keyboard

                edit: Actually, I have an ezgo PC with built in IR... trying to get it to work but I'm not having much luck.
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                  No idea...

                  I just tested the keyboard from atleast 10 feet away and it works fine. it even worked at pretty steep angles pointing away from the receiver.


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                    Did the keyboard come with any type of drivers? I'm trying to get my PC with built-in IR port to recognize it, but I'm not having any luck. I tried similar wireless keyboard drivers, but no luck.
                    1995 Talon TSi AWD, 1992 Lexus SC300... LexusPC is finally almost ready for install!


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                      no, i just plugged the IR receiver into the ps2 port, batteries in the keyboard, and it worked.