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for those of you running Linux without an LCD display...

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  • for those of you running Linux without an LCD display...

    How do you select the mp3 to play? I have xmms with the play next song centered under the mouce cursor on the center or the screen, with randomized play on. So when I tap a button on my touchpad mouse, it randomly selects another song.

    I'm looking for a better way of doing this. any suggestions on a way to press something and have it go to the next song. any way to do this with a wireless remote or something? any suggestions?
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    LIRC for remote control (and optionally LCDProc for a display, much cheaper than video LCDs.)


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      ya there is a lirc plugin for xmms
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        USB Keypad

        Hey guys,

        My setup is running Debian linux, 2.4.24 kernel, i use mpg123 with Camp as the frontend, i've setup this keypad to do all the functions i need to control it with room to spare. It is also a usb hub so i can plug my joysticks, webcam, ir receiver and/or anything else i can get my hands on. Once i get my screen i will setup Xwindows and design my own user interface.
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          omg mouse and a keypad built in one nice concept...
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