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Xenarc touchscreen probs...

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  • Xenarc touchscreen probs...

    Well, I just got my Xenarc from One Hit
    Looks great! Performs great! Nice and bright display...

    The touchscreen works, but only for a while.... maybe 8-9 minutes. Once a certain time period has passed, it needs to be unplugged, then plugged in again to work. It seems as though windows loses it somewhere....

    I downloaded the latest drivers from Xenarc, and that didn't fix it...

    Any suggestions? I know nothing of touchscreens!
    I tried the search button, but couldnt find anything specific.
    Help would be appreciated!

    Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)

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    Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)


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      Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)


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        Why not try contacting the vendor that you got it from and see what they have to say about it? That seems like the first logical thing to do. If that doesn't help anything (which it should), talk to xenarc directly. If you still have your proof of purchase and everything you could even call in warranty work on it.
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          Contact Xenarc directly. They have awesome support. The monitor is warrantied for 18 months.

          I would, however, try it out on a different PC. Maybe your car one does not supply enough voltage to power the USB controller.


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            I contacted Xenarc... we have been exchanging emails... and I think they are sending me a new cable...

            Here's the strange part.
            I bought a USB extansion cable, and when the t/s is connected through that, it works fine... when the screen is connected straight to the m/b, it stops functioning after a few minutes...

            Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)