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TouchScreen Connections?

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  • TouchScreen Connections?

    I've had a look around and can't seem to find the definitive answer, it's a simpel enough question so I thought I may as well post a thread.

    How exactly does a touch screen (any type, I haven't settled on which one to use yet) connect to the PC? Now, I'd have thought that the screen itself connected to the VGA out, and it had some form of USB cable to provide the touch interface. But I've also seen a couple of screens that connect via the serial port, which I assume are the less desirable ones. The reason I need to make sure is because I've already dedicated the serial port (and ps2) for my GPS reciever, so I need to know, before I go ordering bits and pieces, whether or not it'll all be compatible (or whether I need to get 2 serial ports, or a USB GPS reciever)


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    The "touch" portion of the touchscreen connects via USB or Serial, depending on the model. Think of the touch overlay as a big, flat mouse, and it connects to the PC as such. If you already have a LCD and want to add a touch panel to it, check here:

    They offer touch screen kits for LCDs from 5.6" to 17". The kit consists of two parts, the touchscreen overly and the controller, which is USB.

    As far as USB vs. Serial goes, I'm not sure it really matters a whole lot. Since manufacturers are producing a lot less serial devices (if at all), it really boils down to supply. I haven't read any posts here about glitches in serial touch screens...but that doesn't mean there aren't any.


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      USB or serial doesn't really matter, just personal preference! All the USB ones are is a serial one...with a usb-to-serial adapter soldered in

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        Cheers, I suppose I'd better make sure it's a USB one then (unless my PC's got 2 serial ports)