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  • Oversized Touchscreen

    Ive searched and browsed, and couldnt find anything.

    I have one of the 5" PS One lcd screens, and want to make it a touchscreen. I know that there are touchscreen overlays out there for sizes like 5.8 or 5.6 (cant remember which). Would it be possible to calibrate it so that it is proportional to the screen area that I need? If anyone has an aftermarket touchscreen, do the drivers do this?

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    I think this topic came up a long time ago. If I remember, the simple answer was yes. You calibrate it as you normally would and it knows where the LCD is in relation to the overlay.

    I think it would be pretty slick if you could use the area around the LCD for hotkeys (similar in concept to the graffiti area on a Palm PDA.)


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      ooooooo, that would be slick. Maybe make a little channel where i can run my finger up and down to control volume, and another one side to side to skip forward or back in a song. I think i will have to get one just to try this