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    I see lots about touch screens, but I assume this is the right place to talk about voice input as well.

    anyone here using voice commands? I have a touch screen, but voice commands would be a nice touch to aid in the control process with no mouse or keyboard in site. simple navigation is fine for the touch screen, but typing is out of the question. internet addresses become an issue.

    so where should I look for a good microphone(assuming theres something better than the 5$ jobs) and what software? dragon naturally speaking still the best? is it good for controlling functions like starting an application or inputing a URL and not just narrating a body of text?

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    There's a large number of threads about this.

    Try this one,

    Or for either Voiceflux or Dragon Naturally, or "voice control" etc...

    As far as mic's are concerned, you need a boom mic for the best results. One of the ones that you wear, otherwise the ambient noise confuses it. The cheaper ones don't seem to pick up as well either.

    Good luck, keep up posted.

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      hmmm out of curiousity, what are these 150$ mics they talk about? Id rather have a 150$ mic that will work perfectly as people indicated. rather than a head peice that will wander around the car till it falls behind the seat gone for good.

      how does the accord and all the other voice controlled nav systems work? they cant possibly be paying 150$ for their mics. even at bulk prices.


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        and why cant they? You only pay over 20k for the car.. whats wrong with adding a $150 mic in a nav package that will cost you over 2k anyway... ?
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          you may get more of a responce in the other thread.
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