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How to peeps adjust in car volume? ideas?

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  • How to peeps adjust in car volume? ideas?

    Hi all,
    im planning my carputer and am just trying to think of ways to turn the volume up and down quickly. I've seen in some logitech and other keyboards a volume knob so im sure there is something out there. What are you all using?

    Also, if i take the output from my soundblaster card, can i plug that directly into my amp or....

    thanks for any info!

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    I have 2 1/8" extension cables that lead to an inline volume controller. That's how I control my volume. It's kinda ghetto at the moment, but its the idea that counts.
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        I bought a powermate today. I have no idea where I'm going to put it as of yet, but it will go in somewhere. Oh yes, it will go in.

        Now it's on my desk and I have a giant erection just from watching the pulsing blue led.


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          Yeah, Powermate looks sweet:

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            I bought a Creative remote off of eBay for $2 that has volume control.


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              Although the powermate can control other things (advantage) it is ultimately controlled by the computer so at some points it MAY not be able to control the volume, ie. when the computer first boots or resumes from hibernate (disadvantage). If I'm using it solely to control volume I would rather go with a hardwired knob (like wizardPC, although maybe not so ghetto ). It's also cheaper Just my opinion.


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                Since you're a fellow Surrey Boy, I might as well add my two bits.

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                Okay, I'm just a bit bitter after having my car broken into SIX times in two years... That's why we're the car-theft capital of the WORLD!

                Anyway, there are some nice Crossover/EQ units that have a master volume control (not just a bass boost). I think there's a couple of people on the group that have them. Possibly Phoenix Gold or Clarion, but I don't remember off the top. Also, you could get a gain control, which sorta does the same job.

                If you want cheap and easy, you could make one yourself with a few electronics components. RP carries everything you need to make one yourself.


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