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Has anyone tried this keyboard/mouse unit?

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  • Has anyone tried this keyboard/mouse unit?

    I am looking for a good compact wireless keyboard with a built in mouse or or touchbad, that doesnt take up any USB slots.

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    I have one the those, Bama
    I am 100% satisfied with it. Its a great keyboard. Only downside: the trackball gets stuck with dirt sometimes... but I guess all trackballs have that.

    Mine is USB, tough.

    I had hard times finding them back, I tough they where no longer commercialised...


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      I just ordered mine. I wanted the ps2 versions so it would free up a USB port, but they called me and said they were out of stock. So i settled for the USB version.


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        you should be able to find a usb->ps2 converter


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          I got one of those over a year ago, use it sometimes. It'll work fine. However, trackball isn't perfect (needs good batteries or something) cause it sometimes doesn't track right, but will move left up and down perfectly (until I put fresh batteries in).

          I didn't pay $80 for mine, I think I paid like $40.


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            I paid $30 for mine off of anandtech FS/FT.

            Trackball is a bit finicky but otherwise it's fine.

            How is the range for you guys? I only get about 4ft even with new batteries.


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              Mars!! you pikey bastage.. what up.. That key/mouse combo is pretty ace.. I'd say jump on it