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Cirque Easy with USB converter

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  • Cirque Easy with USB converter

    I have a serial cirque easy cat with a serial to PS/2 converter connected to a PS/2 to USB converter and then to a USB hub. The touch pad and buttons work fine, but I cannot use the advanced scrolling features on the edge of the pad as it is now recognized as a generic mouse. It works fine with the driver when running through the serial or ps/2 connection but has trouble with the USB connection. I did try the USB driver, but they were no help either. Has anybody found a way around this?

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    I had a similar touchpad. Mine was the internet one with the gesture recognition and hot keys. It would not do any of the speacial stuff either unless it was connected via the serial port. I wrote Fellowes about it. (yes Cirque made it and fellowes repackeged it) and they said it wasn't supported unless it was through the serial port.
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      That really blows, shoulda bought the USB model instead. Thanks for the info!