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Interlink Micromodule pointing device

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  • Interlink Micromodule pointing device

    Hi all,

    Welp, i've bought 2 pieces the "Interlink Micromodule pointing device" $9.90 ps2/serial,from, got a great service (honestly)
    and it works well, its pretty cool i must add, im gonna mount it near the handbrakes...

    you can check it out in

    you get with it drivers, manual and diagrams of the pcb... (in the manual) very detailed...seems theres another model which isnt a joystick alike rather than a keypad like... like in gamegear style... but full 360 deg... not sure about that but the one i got rocks.. very glad with it... and for $9.90 who wont be...
    Cheers, yours, X. The link: Click below
    XMen's CarPC Website