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    1) i want to control winamp 5 on my pc through my Logitech Wingman Extreme Gamepad which connects to the joystick port. Any body has any idea how i can do that.
    2) how can i use other joysticks/gamepads for controlling winamp and windows
    3) can i connect my playstation 2 gamepad in anyway to my computer for the controlling winamp/windows/games
    i am using win98
    plz help
    [email protected]

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    hi sohaibma,

    you may have a look for a "Playstation 2 - Adapter" for USB port. i've seen one in a shop for PS1! i didn't see one for ps2, but should exist..

    for controlling winamp with joystick, use this one
    (or search for another plugin on

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      when plugged to the computer, anything can be controlled via Girder, which then can control winamp.

      there is a joystick plugin for both analog and digital joysticks.


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        plugin not found!

        i searched the girder website but could not find the game port plugin
        please post the link to the plugin
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          Is it possible to use a Analog Joypad as a mouse? To be more it possible to use the PlayStation 2 Analog Joypad as a mouse.


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            Youll need this to hook a PS2 controller to the USB port
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              look in this thread.
              its near the end.

              the plugin is currently under development, thus not being in the download section


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                I already have the adapter for the PlaySta2 (Playing emulated games) But that's just only acts as a regular joypad and not a mouse....What I want is to have the joypad operate the Windows environment...Is this even possible?


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                  i think gamepad s not such a good idea
                  can any one help me how i can make a serial keypad of my own to control winamp and also any plugin for it?
                  i want to control volume through a knob (not two buttons).........anybody has any ideas.????????
                  plz help
                  [email protected]


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                    Think scroll wheel on a mouse.