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Creative CIMR100 issues

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  • Creative CIMR100 issues


    Just a reach out to people running Creative CIMR100 remotes in their car..

    Mine is great, perfect size to store in the space under the handbrake, and looks pretty cool, but it only works sometimes.

    I think I've figured out that it doesn't really work well when the sun's quite bright (I guess it overpowers the IR) and for some reason doesn't work after a cold night (car's parked outside) when the remote gets very cold, but is ok if you warm it up in your hand for a minute or two

    Does anyone else have trouble with the remote simply not working sometimes in sunlight? I notice it happens at other times too. I've tried a fresh battery in the remote too. Has anyone used the remote with a different receiver (ie non decoding receiver) like a LIRC one? Does the CIMR remote work better with a homemade receiver?

    Thanks in advance!

    89 Celica, CarPC installed, 1st bday :)
    • MediaEngine
    • Epia V8000
    • 80GB WD 7200RPM HD
    • Xenarc 700TS
    • SB Live
    • Opus 90W
    • CIMR100 remote
    • Deluo serial GPS
    • D-Link USB radio wired to power antenna

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    I have this remote, but stopped using it because it would not work after resuming from hibernate (software problem I'm sure).
    I ended up buying a Keyspan USB remote. which is much better, comes with better software, and has an extremely sensitive receiver, no problems in bright light.
    I know this isn't the answer you was looking for, but if you decide to ditch the CMR100, then you should check out the Keyspan.


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      yeah I have a Tira reciver and sometimes in the sun light while driving it will send the last command that came from the remote over and over I think it is because of a bug in the driver software for the tira but tech support was no help


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        i m always taking the remote inside with me so no cold problems. also, right now, the sensor is somewhere where sunlight can t shine on. but the problem i have with it is that it sometime generates gets a command(generally the last pressed i think, couldn t pinpoint though) even though the remote is in someplace where it couldn t have been touched and it doesn t even have direct visibility with the receiver but i m running the receiver on an serial to usb adapter with it s not quite a straightforward setup...

        anyone else having problems?


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          Cimr-100 Remote?-uuuuuh?


          I am new here...GreetSS!

          I am Dutch and my english is not verry good but i will try.

          I have the cimr-100 recever and remote.
          But i can't use my remote (sometimes it works and sometimes not)
          I have tried everything.!!
          Then i find out that my other remote (from the NEWQ Platinum Equaliser Unit in my PC)
          works PERFECT !! on the cimr-100 recever whit ME .
          And i have this Other remote from the TFT screen that also works perfect on the cimr-100 recever whit ME.

          So...anybody have any idea what i must do to get the original cimr-100 remote to work?

          Greets The-Master.