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Linux Drivers for Lilliput Touchscreen

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  • Linux Drivers for Lilliput Touchscreen

    Hello all,

    I was hacking a bit on my lilliput touchscreen last night, and managed to get screen coordinated from a userspace application. Incase anyone wants to look at the code, its here:

    This helps to show how the thing works, but what we really need is a kernel driver. I have added this to my "to do" list, but it might take me a while. If anyone wants to take a shot at it, the usb interface is trivial. You aquire an interface, and read interrupt in requests (from the only endpoint) into an 8 byte buffer. Byte one tells you when the user lifted his/her finger. X coord = byte[2]*128 + byte[3]. Y coord = byte[4]*128 + byte[5]. There is a little extra work that needs to be done for calibration and deciding what is a click or a drag, but this should be easy.

    If anyone would like to help, please drop me a note:

    tomh at yourmom dot com

    ME-6000, Lilliput 7" vga + touch, generic GPS, RedHat 9, custom mapping software.

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    I just started programming my own frontend in Linux the other day. I have the Lilliput but I'm using Gentoo so none of the drivers work for me. I don't know how much help I'd be, but once I'm done with the frontend, I'd be willing to lend a hand.

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      That script just initalizes the touchscreen? Can it be used with X?
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        redhat linux driver

        there is a touchscreen driver availible for download from for redhat and some others