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MPXPLAY with VT100

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  • MPXPLAY with VT100

    No matter what I try with MPXPLAY, it always finds a way around working with VT100 set as it's LCD. I wrote a frontend for an old Psion PDA that uses VT100 to communicate with MPXPLAY. The first song after it loads works great, but the header info for each song after that gets beuchered more and more until my frontend crashes. It looks like the LCD_lines in the ini file are not being interpreted correctly. the first thing to die is the contents of line 1, getting a big chunk of it replaced with an "H". Another thing I notice is something like this before every line sent, "2;13Hop". (That was in place of the word "Pop")

    Does anyone here have expirence in using the VT100 feature of MPXPLAY?