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Lilliput FA-1014 Touch Screen issue

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  • Lilliput FA-1014 Touch Screen issue

    Hello all, After careful and long planning, I have started to assemble my carpc. The first issue I am having is with the touch screen. I have a Lilliput FA-1014 10 inch monitor I am installing in the dash. On windows boot the touch is not initializing. After boot, If I unplug the usb and reinsert it it works fine. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and how to fix. I am running Windows10. I notice when I went into system bios setup, the screen works fine, but when windows loads, no touch, unless I unplug and plug the usb in.
    Now I can power up the monitor after windows boots, but that would be inconvenient.
    Any help to fix issue would be greatly appreciated.