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    Hey as I have read other peoples post I have noticed a recurring theme... problems... hahaha and I too am experiencing them... I'm trying to put a Lilliput 7" in a 65 Stang and everything has worked great thus far... except the TOUCH portion of the Touchscreen... I'm trying to install using XP on a HP Pavilion Laptop... it has it's own touch pad... which I think is giving the troubles... and I have downloaded the newest drivers... any ideas??????
    65 Mustang (Black on Black), 289 V8 Done up...
    Purple Neon (Chassis and Engine)
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen, P3 Laptop (DVD, MP3, GPS)
    Pioneer Audio (Two 6x9's, Two 5 1/4's, Two 3 1/2's and a 10" Sub)
    Powered by Two Pioneer 240W Amps

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    I sure hope your hardware can hold up to the abuse a classic stang can put on it(rough ride). I had a 66 stang and I know its gotta be difficult to mount the computer properly in there.


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      I have the same problem I'm tring to set up a lilliput 7" on my laptop and it has trouble with the drivers not being digitaly signed. It's ****ing me off pretty bad.
      ::Lilliput 7"::Frodoplayer::No HU::Dell Latitude::


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        Some of the connectors on the VGA / Touchscreen cable have been flaky. My original problem was that windows wouldn't recognize the device as more than an unknown device. Turned out my extension cable connector was bad (I measured something like 120 ohms resistance on the USB Data+ line across the round connector), and windows couldn't communicate with the USB controller to read the device descriptor The guy I bought it from on ebay sent me a replacement cable, and the problem disappeared.

        If you're adventurous enough to take the display apart, there's a pinout for everything here:
        1984 Fiero EV conversion:
        180VDC Saft NiMH 106Ah batteries, Solectria AC42 AC Induction motor and UMOC445 Motor Controller

        A few pics at