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Touchscreen and InfoMap Navigator (can it be controlled?)

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  • Touchscreen and InfoMap Navigator (can it be controlled?)


    This is my first post, I do mostly looking. ( I am thinking about doing a carpc project pretty soon)
    I searched etc ... couldnít find a post where anyone says something like this ... my question is:

    Anyone with "InfoMap Navigator " and touch screen ( ie; liliput) that maybe can answer this question...

    Can you actually control this thing with touch screen ?? It does not look like you can (small buttons etc) doesnít look very touch screen friendly heh

    I am going to live in the Netherlands pretty soon and one of the reasons why Iíd like to build my own carpc is because i would want NAVI , (donít want to get lost hehe ) and its pretty cool .

    and from what I have seen , it seems infomap is the best bet to go for the Netherlands ( the Europe version) InfoMap Navigator - 16 countries - DVD

    Sorry for the long post

    Thank you,


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    Navigator is appearently software with most detaied maps for most European countries, but unfortunatelly not really desiged to be controlled by keyboard and/or touchscreen.
    Lets hope some future Navigator version interface will be designed better or some of fellow european carpc frontend programmers will integrate Navigator via its SDK directly to carpc application keeping car enviroment on mind.


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      but how difficoult is it to control , i mean in the car , will you have many steps to lets say find a post code ?

      Are you using this software?


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        I have been using this for a while and the latest update has increased the sizes of all the important buttons. I don't think they show the new ui on the screenshots on the website.

        I have just bought a lilliput so will be able to test shortly, I wouldn't worry about it tho' as all the functions are available as keystrokes, so it's quite easy to design macros to run from a USB numeric keypad or similar, that's what I did on my last carPC
        ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!


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          ohh .. great .. please keep me posted on this .. when you get it and all



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            Keyboard/ touch screen 'find postcode' operation

            I've just been playing with Navigator on this PC and this seems to be the easiest/ clearest way to find a postcode using a macro created in a suitable program, then 2 touches of the lilliputs screen.

            (Down arrow)*3
            (enter postcode with OSK)
            (Down arrow)*16
            (Right arrow)
            (Down arrow)*4

            Destination will show on map, touch screen to plant Nav destination point
            and then press 'Start Navigation' button.
            ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!