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Windows 98 / Touchscreen problem.

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  • Windows 98 / Touchscreen problem.

    I decided to go back to Windows 98 for a faster boot and everything was perfect until the touchscreen software installation. It's the touchkit software for a touchscreen overlay I got from digitalww. Anyway, windows 98 recognizes it but no touchsceen functions work. Connections are good. The only thinkg I find odd is in device manager the touckscreen is listed in a new category by itself instead of under mice/pointing devices. It's been a long time since I've messed with windows 98 and this may be normal. If it's not, what do I do to rectify it? If it is, what do you think could be the conflict?

    FYI it's connected straight to the mobo. No hubs or anything are used.

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    Looks like my problem was elsewhere. Fixed.