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  • touchpad

    any where (british sites if poss) i can buy a touch pad? without the keyboard, just a touchpad by itself? anysize really and any colour.


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    I got myself a Kensington Webracer (touchpad + some extra buttons, nice for controlling MP3-player apps). Still trying to make all additional buttons work with WinXP though.

    As far as I know, Kensington still produces some very nice looking & working devices, although they may be a little bit overpriced. Anyways, you get 1st class quality.

    I recommend looking for touchpads on Ebay. I got mine there as well. And I would look in every computer-store nearby as well. I have seen a few touchpads in stores near my hometown.

    [Edit: Well, thanks to another thread in this forum I got it to work now]


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      Check out search part number 220-0370.

      I would use this instead of a touchpad
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        search dabs:

        I got:

        and mouled it into my door:

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          Originally posted by Bravellir
          Check out search part number 220-0370.

          I would use this instead of a touchpad
          That's slick, and priced to move!
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