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    I have been working on an mp3car project for a while and I finally finished writing my winamp plugin and library source. I've come to the realization that I need a good form of Human Interface. I want to have either two knobs or a knob and a scroller wheel.

    However, the only knob I could find that fits my needs is the Griffin PowerMate. Unfortunately, the current software will not support multiple powermates. Griffin has promised this for over a year, so I do not think that this will ever happen. Also, the power mate is a rather large knob.

    Does anyone know the name of the component used in these kind of devices? A knob that can turn infinately in either direction. It is up to the software to keep track of the "position". I can't find these devices anywhere, all I can find are BCD switches and pots. I am interested in wiring two of these knobs and several buttons to a MicroChips controller.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Read this thread:

    The Shuttle Xpress is over 4 inches round, if this is not a concern then it is a good alternative.
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      In case anyone else is concerned, the device I was looking for is a "rotary incremental encoder". The device works pretty straighfowardly. I am currently working on writing drivers for it on a PIC microcontroller.



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        Just to let you know, Griffin will give you the complete SDK for interfacing the PowerMate if you ask . Shoot them an email...


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          ..what could one do with the SDK?
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            They sent me the SDK when I asked them about it supporting two devices. But I don't really want to revamp their code. If they haven't done it already, then it is most likely a pain. Besides, I am already using a PIC for my several buttons under my display.