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put it all up front or all in back?

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  • put it all up front or all in back?

    okay guys its time for me to ask a newbie question (sorry if this should be in newbie thread, feel free to move) , or at least to get your opinions. Where did you install your carpc? I have seen some people put them in their glovebox which is what i guess i would prefer, but i don't know if i have room. In a glovebox does heat become an issue? For those of you with it in your trunk/boot what cables did you end up running to your dash. and, finally why does it seem that everyone who runs a dvd drive up front with the machine in back only recomend firewire and not usb2.0?
    don't worry i know i usually don't make much sense

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    I have mine in the back.
    This has been asked before.
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      Up front makes wiring a lot easier.
      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        depends on your setup. i had all amps in the back, so puttin the carpc there made sense, just had to run cables for the monitor.



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          Everythign is in the back for me mounted on the back of my split folding seats. got a nice fat 10ft vga extention and usb running to usb hub in front. Power runs down drivers side and audio/video/data runs on the passenger side. Originally I went into it going to put everything under the seats but when i went to put them there it looked like a bad idea feet and whatnot plus my car has rear vents down there so was another issue. Now I can jsut pop the folding seats and work at a nice level with the pc or amp still working on a case to fully enclose them tho.

          My Vote goes for back who uses that whole trunk thing anyway.

          Good Day,
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            Put it in the back.
            I have 15 foot cables: vga, active usb extensions, etc.
            I computer doesn't get hot in the trunk
            Save yourself the space up from for other stuff.
            Can be a pain to run all the wires though.

            Pic of my trunk (install still in progress):


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              I have a toyota 4runner and do not have a real trunk just the cargo space. Since I wanted to leave that untouched I got a small case and put it under the passanger side front seat. If I had a car with an actual trunk, I would put it back there


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                I have the PC in the back of the Supra cuz there is No space under the passenger seat. The Matrix, it will be under the passenger seat. Like the 4Runner or any SUV, I don't want to touch the cargo space.
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