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Endless calibration.

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  • Endless calibration.

    Hi there!
    I have a touchpanel I ordered from Armen that is impossible to calibrate.
    When I make the 4 point calibration, the X on the upper-right square is impossible to tap and when I make the 25 point calibration, the one in the middle is also impossible to tap too.
    Before I started calibration the touchpanel worked quite good except for a little desviation, that's why I calibrated it but I lost the previous calibration and now it does what it wants.
    I'm lost. What could be the problem or the solution? New drivers or what?
    Hope someone can bring some light into it.
    Thank you!

    p.d. I made a search and found nothing about this.

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    are you using a USB extension cable?


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      no, I'm not, I'm just using the usb cable that came with it.


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        I solved it!!!
        I tryed to calibrate the touchpanel disassembled from the lcd and it worked.
        Then I discovered that the touchpanel cable was going too near some high frequency cables inside the lcd case. I passed the cable through a different path and that was it. The touchpanel works again!

        Hope this knowledge can help someone.
        See you!


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          Nice one! Some clever thinking.

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