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  • 2 pointing devices

    I have one PS/2 port and I have 2 pointing devices. Can I wire up a switch to select either pointing device? There's a clock and data line in the cable, Could I run the clock signal to both devices and use an SPDT switch to connect the data line to either device? Would I be able to switch between the 2 devices with the power on?
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan

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    Because in PS/2, the device (your mouse) is responsible for managing the clock, you should use a DPDT switch to switch both the data and clock lines between the two devices. Otherwise, switching between two devices with the power on should be fine, I think.


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      two thoughts

      a) have you looked into a little Y adapter for your ps/2 port? they varry in price from $5-$50.

      b) ps/2 isn't fully hotswapable on all controlers as far as i know. i would double check that it is.
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        PS2 -> USB Adapter = no problems.
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          I couldn't find a Y adapter that would work, the ones I found were to hook a keyboard/mouse to a computer with a single PS/2 port like a laptop.

          My computer has a via 686/693 chipset. With this chipset USB means Under Satans Bondage. USB stuff, especially a hub should be avoided in this case. I guess I can just unplug one pointing device and plug in the other while it's on and see if it can hot swap.
          Chris Krug
          owner, turbine minivan


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            PS/2 as a protocol can hot swap. Some MBs might lack protection circuitry to prevent a surge when hot swapping (which worst case can kill the port) but I don't think this is a concern in any modern hardware, certainly none that I've seen.

            I like your definition of "USB"


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              if ones usb and the other ps/2 you will have no problems!!get the adapter!!!
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