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  • Laptop Touchpad to PS2

    How can i convert a touchpad from an old broken laptop i had to a PS2 connector?

    the make of the touchpad is Synaptics model: TW1002M1
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    Most likely it already IS PS/2. The trick then is figuring out what the pinout on it is, and make a connector.

    You should first see if you can find the info on the web. If you can't you might be able to figure out some pins, like power and ground, just by looking at the PCB, and simply try the data and clock in different combinations. That's what I did for a touchpad for which I couldn't find the pinout.


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      I have one thats PS2
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        Ive managed to get the wire soldered to the touchpad flat cable. Tricky to say the least with a couple of burnt finger tips But im getting there slowly but surely.

        I still am unable to find a pin out diagram anywhere, even the synoptics site is no use.
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          i want to do this as well. I found a tutorial on the web a while back. Cant seem to find it now. BUT, i was wondering, would we need specific drivers? Also how would we perform calibration and such?


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            there should be a driver available for the laptop that would suit the device if it was already PS2...


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              Right i've checked my PS2 cable and it has the following wires attached

              (S2 Connection at back of Computer)
              | | | | |
              White Blue Red Yellow Black
              +5 ? +5 ? -ve

              I also have five wires coming from my Touchpad, anyone have a notion how i would go about attaching these to the above connections?


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                PS/2 has 6 pins. They are:

                1: data
                2: reserved
                3: ground
                4: +5V
                5: clock
                6: reserved

                Your device might use the reserved pins, but you can safely ignore them and it'll still work fine. That leaves you with 4 pins you have to connect.

                On the PC MB port, the pinout looks like:




                (sorry for the underscores, this blasted thing removes whitespace)

                Now, your problem is you don't know the pinout on your touchpad. If you can't find it, your only real recourse is trial and error. What I did was solder connectors on all of the pins, so I can try different combinations quickly.

                Some educated guessing can save you alot of trouble. Ground is probably the easiest to figure out by looking at the PCB, since many things tend to go to it. It's also the one you want to have right to make sure you don't damage anything - because the other pins operate at 5V, confusing them with power is probably ok, but who knows what reversing the voltage is going to do.

                Tred: you don't need specific drivers for PS/2, though some devices might have special features that require them. Even then, it'll work fine as a generic device with the OS's built in drivers.


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                  nice, im gonna mess around with this today...


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                    You may want to read this that's how I did It


                    I also had a sparepart laptop and I ripped the touchpad for better use, that ofcourse is to put it in my Nissan.

                    LOL so the link takes you to interfacing guide.


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                      i have one of those too..but mine is a TM1002SP...according to the guide, this should be a serial for the trick question...itīs ripped out of an Compaq Presario 1060...and has 4 additional CD player buttons added...Stop, Play, Fvd and Rev...the output from the touchpad has 8 connetors to the button PCB (yes, its a separate one) and from there i have another cable to the 4 additional buttons! so, its 1 touchpad, 1 central PCB where the mousekeys are located, and then thereīs another PCB for the additional from the central PCB i have 10 wires coming out...and i cant find anything about it on synaptics homepage =/ anyone have an idea how to solve this?


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                        I have decided that I need to put a touchpad in the top of my console lid, towards the back. So people in the backseat can do stuff on the computer. They will probably just switch songs in the middle of the track to **** me off, but oh well. Maybe I will have it switched. Child lock on the touchpad. Yes, excellent..........
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                          the problem is i canīt figure out those f***ing pinouts! =/


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                            Someone have the pinout for the synaptics touchpad mouse ?????

                            i have one part and car pin it!!!



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                              you do know that they make glidepad type mice already that are fairly cheap right?
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