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Virtual Laser keyboard!!!!!

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  • Virtual Laser keyboard!!!!!

    Check this out! how cool is that?laser keyboard Got to have one - and they are giving it away with a phone!

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    That rocks i dont really have a flat surface in my car to project on to but thats still cool as hell.
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      I would have to carry a keyboard sized board to replace a keyboard... ermm... its cool, but not for my car


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        Yea this is old news but it is pretty cool.
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          anyway, we could hack it to make our own interface (our own virtual buttons)?
          How cool would it be to be able to have laser button all over your dash?
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            That is very cool. Now instead dedicating space to a whole keyboard, all you need is a flat surface. Now, will this work on glass or does it need something to reflect most of the light?
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              Originally posted by Marsupial
              I would have to carry a keyboard sized board to replace a keyboard... ermm... its cool, but not for my car
              Could project it onto your sun visor!

              mykolJay, a big red starter button would be cool!!!


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                too much IR?

                i had considered using this product but according to one maker's website, it is most suited for indoor use, because there's too much IR rays outside. The windows should block some but I think it wouldn't work well
                "Under what type of lighting conditions does the Integrated Canesta Keyboard work?

                The Integrated Canesta Keyboard works well in all normal indoor lighting conditions. Keyboard performance suffers when used in direct sunlight due to IR interference."
                Unfortunately just dreaming about it.. :P


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                  Hi all... I cannot speak about the UK company, but here in the states, it was all the rage a few months back. I ordered one back in march... and have yet to receive it! They sent me an e-mail a month or so, indicating they are having some supplier issues, etc... here is a link to their webiste:
                  The company is called iBiz Technology Corp. - You can see videos and reviews from the NY Times, TheScreenSavers, etc...
                  It seems like a cool idea... whos time sadly is not yet here. In fact, i need to respond to the e-mail to cancel mine!

                  I think this technology will really make its mark when they license the concept to RIM, PALM, HP, and the other large PDA/Cellphone oem's. Then they can incorporate the "projection" device into their shells. Now, that would be a great pda! - Larger screen, ability to type with a full sized ketboard, etcc... The just need to find a way to incorporate a stand into keyboards and fix the "it does not work too well in a light environment" issue! Who wants an keyboard that only works in a dark room!

                  Sorry for the rant folks!


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                    thats pretty dope. the things you could do....


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                      Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
                      Could project it onto your sun visor!

                      mykolJay, a big red starter button would be cool!!!
                      wouldn't do that more then having the keyboard on the sunvisor...

                      my arms are not that strong and stable


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                        How much is that in yankee money? (US$) I like the idea of it for a desktop setup - obviously wouldn't be effective for a car

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                          It's kind of a fad. You still need the space of a keyboard to project the image on. You have to look at it to type since there is nothing to touch. While it's cool it is much less useful than a space saving wireless or fold-up keyboard.
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                            the idea is to bring a full-size keyboard without having to transport the material of it.

                            I see no other advantages then transportation purpose.


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                              *bling* *bling* nuff said
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