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    ok here we go i really need some help here, and i will try and keep quick.

    the screen in the dash rotates around from faceplate to xenarc...
    I have a normal servo in there right know controlled by this

    Now i have no programing experience at all it was and still is jibber jabber to me...I had bought the "what is a microcontroller" kit as i had done some reading about basic stamps...So i went threw the book and projects and learned alittle like how to control my servo and such.


    1. I need a stronger servo (the servo is not strong enough to hold it
    in position around turns)

    2. I would like to put power to the board, can i do this off of my opus since
    it is regulated (im not sure the voltage the board can survive)

    3. I would like the servo to turn when the car turns on and then turn
    closed when shut off..should I use the opus to send the signals to the
    board or just uce my ACC line but when shut off would the servo still
    have acces to power , so it can close..(the servo is powered off the

    I am sure i am missing alot off easier solutions but i really dont want to spend more money on those servo controll boards....since i have this board with a built in basic stamp2 it leaves me with many more crazy options down the road....So please any help and code to move the servo (it only rotates 180 degrees)

    thank u
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    hey everyone thanks for all the help with my problem i really apriecate it


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      LOL,I hear ya.What type of servo are you looking for ?(digital,Analog) Do you have any pics of the one you have now?
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        I would power the microprocessor board from your car battery, you can build a simple regulator to do that since most microprocessors take very little current. And the stamp will need to be powered on in order to sense wether or not your computer is on or off. You can just use one of the input pins of the stamp to monitor the 5v line from the opus to trigger the program to open or close the door. And unless you can decode the information coming back from the servo you will have to make limit switches so you dont burn out the servo.
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          It isn't the cheapest place, but check out

 is also good.


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            I'm trying to picture in my mind exactly what you're trying to do. Do you have any pics or drawings?
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              thanks for the replies....i was thinkin 1 of those strong robot type servos might do the trick but im not sure if i want to drop $45 if it wont do the job..
              I would love to show some pics of it but they are to big in size and i dont know how to make them smaller since i dont have adobe...if someone would tell me how to make the files smaller it would be apreciated the screen is in the car...and it is basically done except for the servo so right now i have to spin it around manually.

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                Dude simply head to any local R/C hobby shop and ask one of the sales reps for a strong servo. They should wip out one of those large servos used for large scale planes or helicopers. As far as the rest Im uncertain, I would sit and ponder a bit about that. Worse case senario you can tap the servo into a up/down switch.


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                  use a 180 degree landing gear servo, make sure the linkage is on center when the servo is at it's extremes. It will never move
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                    here's a link to some servos
                    It's the cake having/eating thing.


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                      Originally posted by more mods
                      here's a link to some servos
                      Here's a link to a Servo: Link

                      Sorry. Couldn't resist.
                      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                      How about the Wiki?

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                        Here's another it gives the specs for Futaba servos
                        It's the cake having/eating thing.


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                          Suggestion, spring a little extra for the metal gear servo. Won't strip the gears if someone manually pushes hard on the door (which WILL happen).
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                            crazy people touching what they dont understand. The programing for the basic stamp is almost as simple as for a lego mindstorm robot. I have never a basic stamp used it but have seen lots of examples of it. You might also consider an OOPic. I'v always wanted to play with eather but the oopic seems the most fun to me and I dont know why.


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                              I've made plenty of stuff with an OOPIC 2 and a BX-24, and I also have a PIC development kit. Servo programming IS easy. In the OOPIC, once you've initialized it, moving the servo is as easy as setting the position like this: servo1.position = 220 or servo1.position = 1, etc.
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